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MRL Partners LLC  |  P.O. Box 22023  |  Phoenix, AZ 85028

At MRLPartners, our company name says it all - we are partners with our clients.

Our business formula is quite simple and comes down to 4 basic concepts:

If MRLPartners believes in a particular commercial real estate opportunity and we advise and recommend our partners and friends to invest, we co-invest with them. We are not solely a fee-driven organization. We invest our own money in the ventures we lead and therefore have skin in the game. Many of our competitors find this practice enigmatic –we find it simply motivating.

The first rule to any investment is to thoroughly understand the market in which you plan to invest. We determine the economic drivers, political undertones, demographics, and current and future transportation corridors. Once determined, MRLPartners goes to work researching the countless commercial real estate options, and comparing and analyzing the current and future income/expense in our pro formas. Our conservative platform necessitates initial funding from our partners to not only cover the acquisition costs, but also anticipated shortfalls in operating expenses until the property cash flows. The rule of thumb is 1 out of 150 reviewed properties will have investment potential.   Only once we find the right deal, do we recommend it to our partners and friends for investment.  .   

Determining when to sell a property requires extensive understanding of the then-current marketplace, the ability to create a compelling marketing program and the formation of a strategy to present to the brokerage and investment communities for maximum exposure. The disciplined approach and unique skill sets of MRLPartners’ leadership contribute towards successful exit strategies for our investments. Timing is everything as well as knowing when to cash in the chips.

As MRLPartners has skin in the game, we are truly partners in our investment offerings.  We prosper when our partners and friends prosper. If for some reason our partnership investment property garners no profit, MRLPartners receives no profit compensation. This is a simple but bold statement about our commitment to our investment partnership and provides a level of accountability that has been lacking in our industry.