MRLPartners is a privately held commercial real estate investment and advisory company founded simply on the principals of integrity, diligence, conservatism and patience. Because we are privately held and are not driven by having to meet quarterly returns to satisfy Wall Street, large institutional investors, or hard money lenders, we look for steady positive growth over a longer term.

We believe in being a leader in identifying strategic and unique commercial real estate investment trends and niches, analyzing the direction of future trends with conservative projections to determine potential positive financial gains. While our goal is to maximize our partners’ return on their investment, we’d rather undersell than oversell our partners on the anticipated financial return expectations.

MRLPartners clients are our partners and friends – for many, the association has spanned for over 30 years.  We are unique in that we are selective in matching the right investors with the right commercial real estate investment. Not all of our partners and friends have the same levels of risk, return criteria, or desired timing on their investment returns.  We pride ourselves on understanding what drives our investors’ needs and desires.

Many of our partners and friends own and operate ongoing businesses and MRLPartners identifies strategic commercial real estate opportunities to house those businesses. MRLPartners analyzes and programs the current and projected real estate needs for that business. Together with the owner of the business, we invest in a joint venture format to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities, while also satisfying their company’s real estate requirements.

MRLPartners keeps an ear to the ground to seek commercial real estate opportunities through the real estate advisory side of our business. After extensive due diligence and review of the positive and negative restraints of a lender’s commercial real estate REO holdings,  we advise banks and lenders, through their court – appointed receivers, as to what value a particular property may hold.  MRLPartners sees and hears first hand, directions and trends of the lender community. In some cases we are in an early position to acquire some of the holdings in these REO portfolios.

At MRLPartners, our goal is basic - to seize real estate opportunities together!